The 5 big errors that the safe buys
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One: Covet petty gain

The safe is not general decoration, common saying says “ one minute money, safe of ” of a minute of goods also is same, the cabinet of same size, the price has ten the difference of times, those who see quality is not general, iron ark safe is wholesale area (Http:// proposal you, average company should buy the safe that 70cm controls, the price is in 2000-3000 yuan between, ability can be ensured somewhat to the valuable of the company. What 349 yuan cabinet still does not use commonly is good. Unless you just want a decoration.

2: The safe does not need in the home

Occupy iron ark safe at present the statistic of wholesale division, the scale that domestic family buys a safe is in probably 20% the left and right sides, and the safe consciousness that the domestic valuable that in abroad the domestic safe of a few developed countries has rate criterion to be as high as 50%-60% , compatriots deposits surely is thin, had notted allow to ignore, and high-grade village also is bandits one of places of main patronage, so, domestic adornment safe is the good place that oneself valuable deposits.

3: The safe sinks better more

Some friends feel to buy safe (ark) had jumped over again more! Not be actually such.
Above all, if full board is done, lock up the case with a similar quality with fittings, 肻 is to weigh better more surely! Contrary if take inside of the safe of cement and complete steel than, what pack concrete very likely also is heavy. Say the client is to buy insurance again, buy be at ease! is not to should buy a cement a swelling on the skin that with Bao Tie portfolio wears.
Again, buy safe (ark) type is different, go up in weight necessarily also somewhat difference, the dimension volume that oneself put and pattern should fit when the choose and buy when consumer is bought, is not blindly pay attention to weight, for example if the ground installed a floor board, overweight safe crushs the floor easily. Live in with each passing day when safe when changing, weight to the safe already was the mainest factor no longer, weight may reduce the safe of the half than before, bear the ability of attack rose than before however a certain number of times. So, the quality of integral function can judge product quality more than simple weight index. Accordingly, safe of consumer choose and buy measures the method of quality correctly from time to tome, ability walks out of error of choose and buy, buy the product that fits oneself truly.

4: Ark of safe, information, antimagnetic ark is same

The information ark that a lot of companies deploy now, a lot of people thought to have information cabinet need not safe, actually safe and information ark are different, safe basically is used at guard against theft, some conveniently fire prevention. Of the precision that because this emphasizes particularly on,provides at the lock, production rolled steel those who add bolt of thick, lock add thick wait for function of guard against theft strengthen. Information ark basically is used at saving the agency of important information, wait like paper, disk, CD, accurate instrument. Because this side is overweight fire prevention, moistureproof, antimagnetic, antistatic,wait for a function strengthen.
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